Our Approach

Home Decors made from shed antlers

Antlers are extensions of an animal’s skull that are shed and regrow annually. We collect these in the wild to create unique decor items inspired by nature. Most of our creations are delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Home Decors made from restored materials

We also breathe new life into antlers and other natural elements we collect in nature such as natural wood, driftwood, and Eastern cedar wood. Eastern cedar wood is a locally sourced product recognized for its durability and its beautiful colours and grain.

Our work helps avoid seeing antlers thrown away and also paves new ways for modern taxidermy. Our artists are all experts who carefully process and clean all pieces using the very best trade standards.

Rest assured that our work does not involve the killing of any animals. All our materials are collected from natural or second-hand sources.

Other Products

We can also supply a number of other products, such as exterior wood panelling, cedar wood barn boards, kitchen and hunting knives, table bases, shelving, headboards, and live edge wood slabs. Let us know what you’re looking for!