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Collection: Eastern White Cedar (Quebec only)

Dekor Nature primarily distributes superior quality Eastern White Cedar paneling for both interior and exterior finishes. Other products may be available upon request!

Contact us to place an order and to confirm shipping fees: info@dekornature.com or (514) 545-8664

Delivery is available only in the regions of Estrie, Bois-Francs, Montérégie, and Greater Montreal. Delivery charges are additional to the prices shown.

Prices per square foot.

Our products are available according to the following specifications:

  • Thicknesses: 1/2" or 3/4".

  • Widths: The 1/2" thickness is offered in widths of 3 3/8'' & 4 3/8'' and the 3/4" thickness is offered in widths of 4 1/4'' & 5 1/4'' (a width of 3 1/4'' may be available upon request for special orders only).

  • Lengths: Our cedar paneling comes in assorted lengths from 3' to 12' (assorted per order).

  • V-Joint: The 1/2" has V-joints on both sides and the 3/4" has V-joints on one side.

  • Grades: 2 grades are available: Premium Grade (#1) and Rustic Grade (#2). The Rustic Grade quality has the same tongue-and-groove quality and finish as the Premium Grade but has minor defects such as small holes in the knots.

Inventories vary from week to week!

Important information about our products:

  • The cedar is kiln-dried to a moisture content of 7%.

  • Our products stand out for the quality of the planing, which is very smooth, the tongue-and-groove, and the drying carried out in a true kiln dryer, which prevents future problems with air-dried cedar.

  • Upon request, we sell exterior cladding and several types of cedar products.

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