Certified Shed Antlers

Antlers are shed as part of a natural process. By sourcing Mother Nature’s
organic contribution, we create unique and personalized decors for your
enjoyment. Antlers are true bone organic extensions of an animal’s skull. They
are shed and regrown each year. Their size varies with the age of the animal.

Second-Life Antlers

We also find and give antlers a second life. These antlers come from animals found dead in the forest or purchased from their previous owners. This is our way of breathing new life into these antlers by transforming them into decor instead of letting them go to waste. This environmentally-friendly practice helps reduce waste.

  • Chandeliers
  • Lamps
  • Table bases
  • Inukchuks
  • Rentals
  • Curtain and towel rods
  • Shoulders
  • Skulls

Most of our creations are delivered to you with a certificate of authenticity.