About Us

Our unique decor items breathe new life into natural objects that would have otherwise decomposed or gone to the trash.

We only use materials found in nature. We create unique decor items and artefacts using gifts from Mother Nature.

We are passionate about nature and the environment. We work with crude natural wood, driftwood, and antlers to design unique, sophisticated, and custom decor items.

Antlers are extensions of an animal’s skull. They fall and regrow annually. Animals from the Cervidae family shed their antlers naturally. The size of the antlers vary based on the animal’s age. We primarily use naturally shed antlers found in nature or from livestock farms.

By using shed antlers, animals can continue to lead their lives while we benefit from a perpetual and sustainable supply of materials — a modern approach to taxidermy.

The naturalized animals and fish we work with are all bought second-hand. We work with the best taxidermists to create unique decor items and offer our customers stunning visual experiences.

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