At Dékor nature, we are passionate about nature and the environment. Our vocation is to create unique, utilitarian, sophisticated and personalized creations. We use materials such as rough lumber, driftwood, live edge wood slabs, and antlers.

We only use antlers found in the wild. Antlers are shed by cervids through a natural process. Thanks to Mother Nature’s donations, we create unique decors and artefacts for your enjoyment.

Innovate in the field of decor and bring a visual experience on our unique objects. Give a second life to objects of nature.

What’s most interesting about our unique decor items is that they give new life to objects that would have otherwise simply decomposed or gone to waste.

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Antlers are true bone organic extensions that cervids shed and regrow each year. Their size varies with the age of the animal. We mainly use shed antlers found in the wild or obtained from breeders farms.

Using shed antlers keeps cervids alive in their natural habitat which increases our chances of obtaining new shed antlers from the same cervids in the future. This represents a new sustainable and ecological approach to modern taxidermy.

When it comes to mounted animals and fish that we buy second hand, we work with the best taxidermists to create a unique visual experience for your personalized decor item.